How to used Arduino UNO WiFi Dev board as webclient?

I’m working on arduino UNO WIFI Dev board,I can find examples sketches for REST client & server and web Server. But, I couldn’t find any sketches related to HTTP Webclient.

My work is to GET the data from the web server which is xml format and should parse it. I need to do it on Arduino UNO Wifi Dev board only. please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

File: RestClient.ino
This example makes an HTTP request after 10 seconds and shows the result both in
serial monitor and in the wifi console of the Arduino Uno WiFi.

Note: works only with Arduino Uno WiFi Developer Edition.

#include <Wire.h>
#include <UnoWiFiDevEd.h>

void setup() {

	const char* connector = "rest";
	const char* server = "";
	const char* method = "GET";
	const char* resource = "/latest.txt";


	pinMode(2, INPUT);

	doRequest(connector, server, resource, method);

void loop() {


void doRequest(const char* conn, const char* server, const char* command, const char* method){
	CiaoData data = Ciao.write(conn, server, command, method);
	if (!data.isEmpty()){
		Ciao.println( "State: " + String (data.get(1)) );
		Ciao.println( "Response: " + String (data.get(2)) );
		Serial.println( "State: " + String (data.get(1)) );
		Serial.println( "Response: " + String (data.get(2)) );
		Ciao.println ("Write Error");
		Serial.println ("Write Error");

you have the right example