Arduino Uno + WiFi Shield + TFT LCD Screen


I have an Arduino Uni Rev3, an Arduino WiFi Shield and a TFT LCD Screen.
The WiFi Shield and the TFT Screen works prefectly with the Arduino, if only one is connected.
If I connect both, the Arduino won't power up until I disconnect the TFT (by removing the screen or at least the GND).

Is there any way to connect both the shield and the screen to the Uno?

I have used tho following connections:

+5V: +5V
MISO: pin 12
SCK: pin 13
MOSI: pin 11
LCD CS: pin 10
SD CS: pin 4
D/C: pin 9
RESET: pin 8
BL: +5V

Thank you in advance for the help!


What are you using as a power source, the USB port? Have you tried an external power source, like a wall charger?

I'm using my laptop as a power source. I'll try a wall charger and report back.
I assume, that the WiFi shield and the TFT should work without any magic (like redefining the pins), if there is enough power.

if you have anything between 7 - 12V @ 700mA - 1A should be fine

I've just tried your solution with a Voltcraft adapter (9 V DC, 1000 mA). Unfortunately nothing has changed. My laptop signals with the "device disconnected" tone immediately I complete the circuit (eg. plugging in the 5V cable). As soon as I remove the TFT from the circuit, the Arduino Uno-WiFi Shield reconnects.

What can be the problem? Can the TFT use the same pins as the WiFi Shield? If not, can I redefine the used pins?

That might be the case, they might be using some of the same pins.

Post a link to your TFT screen an wifi module

Both are official Arduino stuff.

WiFi Shield: (updated)

I’ve attached a photo as well.