Arduino -USB Adapter- Macbook doesn‘t work

I made a Midi Controller using a Leonardo and it works fine with my Macbook if i use a Micro USB to USB C cable.
But i want to use a short cable Micro USB to USB 2 Adapter in the Controller chassis and then connect a USB 2 to USB C cable to the Macbook. But if i try this the Arduino won‘t turn on.
If i use a PC Notebook it works so i guess it has something todo with the Macbook not liking this Adapter.
Maybe someone got such Adapter working and can tell me what to buy.

This is the Adapter i bought:

Actually take a look at the power, port, and link associations: Make sure the USB gadget is turned on and its links are appropriately associated. Assuming your macbook air m1 has more than one USB port , switch the gadget's link to another port. On the off chance that you actually can't utilize the gadget, contact the producer for more data.

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