arduino USB host files?

hello i have a question not sure if this belongs in the General Electronics or the Programing part of the forum but here goes. I was wondering if it's Possible to make a arduino into a file storage host? what i mean is i seen there are usb host shields out there but was wondering if there is a way to host files on the uno using the usb shield with a external usb hard drive or flash drive with the files on there? if so can someone help me out and tell me how does it work and where can i get started at? if not thank you for the help.

It's certainly possible but it's a lot of gruntwork to do it with a simple controller. If that's what you want to do, use one of the "higher end" Arduinos (YUN) that can run Linux so you don't have to "roll your own" operating system and file system.

rmetzner49 thank you i was just curious that's all thank you.