USB Host help

Hello, I received a new usb host shield today and have downloaded and installed the library. I have been looking through the sample codes online and don't see anything for what I'm wanting to do.

Basically I want to open a file and write a dataString to it. That's it, I don't need to read from it (except when removed and plugged into a pc.

Does anyone have sample data for this? It seems its not going to be as simple as writing to an sd card, is this true?

Thank you!

Yes that is true. What are you writing the file to?

My arduino is a data logger which currently logs to SD and when prompted by a switch it sends the recorded file to the pc via Bluetooth. This all works but I would like to also have the file recorded to a usb flashdrive (memory stick) . My data is currently sent as a data string to a file on SD as a csv file. I'm hoping through a similar code I can send the info to the flashdrive.

Sounds like you want the USBWiz

so you cant use a normal usb host shield (like one found here to write to a usb flashdrive?

You probably can but it is going to take a lot of work. USB is complicated, since it was designed to put as much work on the host as possible.

Note that the USB wiz uses a "16/32-bit ARM processor core" so a Due might be a better choice.