Arduino users/user groups in Wisconsin???

I was just wondering if there were any other Arduino users in Wisconsin? Any user groups or interest in a user group? I live in NE WI about 45 min. NW of Green Bay.

Man, That's pretty bad!

90 views and no one from Wisconsin!?!?!?!? :o :(

I guess I'll have to be my own club..... :-/

Any help from this?

Check existing Hacklabs and probably there you can find people interested about Arduino etc.

Thanx. I'll check it out.

Just checked. No good. All southern WI! :(

Guess I'm still a group of one up here in the North Woods. I wonder if there's any UPer's that can grasp electronics???? ::) ;D

No doubt


There is other intelligent life in Wisconsin!?!? ;)

Where abouts you from?

I'm stuck in Gillett, north west of Green Bay.

Milwaukee, WI. here.. still SE though.. ;)

Looking for Arduino coach or developer in Wisconsin. Location 25 miles east of Green Bay. Project is to control steady state water bath via temp and volume probes reporting to Arduino. I know zip about electronics, but can see the utility of Arduino - I need someone who understands the electronics and coding side.