Arduino + Webcam

We are making a security system using arduino which involves snapping photos whenever our motion detector, well, senses motion. Is it possible to hack and connect this webcam on an Arduino board? The order of the pins are Red, White, Green, Blue and Black which are all connected to a USB cable at the end. We are going to cut the usb end and will be sending the snapped photos to a SD/MMC reader. It’s just a prototype so we are trying to hack this webcam before considering to buy a TTL or Serial camera which are compatible to the arduino. Thanks in advance good sir/ma’am.

The Arduino is good at triggering a camera which stores photos onto a storage card. You cannot expect the Arduino to receive the image data and transmit the data to the card.

A Raspberry Pi might be better if that’s what you want to do.

We found bunch of tutorial for that. This video is a demo of how it should work. The project limitation would be the delay of the data processing and transfer as stated on the video which requires 10 seconds or so if I'm not mistaken. Is it possible to hack the webcam I posted for this?