Webcam to Arduino

I want to connect (USB) webcam, a ‘Logitech Quickcam’ (see images), to my Arduino Uno to save pictures on a SD card. I’ve already searched for a solution in the internet but I can’t find an adequate one. The picture should be saved as a JPEG file in certain points of time on the card. The problem is that I don’t know how to connect and more importantly how to save my pictures. Is it anyway possible?
I’m looking forward for your responses.


Is it anyway possible?

Probably not, otherwise you would probably find others already doing it.

It is not possible because data arrives too fast from the webcam to write directly to an SD card in real time and there is not enough memory to store the image on the arduino.
It might be possible to do this one line at a time but then that will take about 10 seconds to store a frame and any movement will show up as distortion.
Plus the fact that the arduino will have to pretend to be a USB host which is complex in itself.

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

What would it be like if I take another camera with a lower resolution, one like that: or

The Radio Shack one looks a possibility but you need the not included memory shield.
The other one is not sutiable because the data comes out too fast.

There's a few on eBay if you search for "Arduino camera"