Arduino writing to webpage

I have the basics of a working lightning detector, and would like to place a record of what is going on onto a webpage, using a Nano IOT 33.
I have the basic example sketch that sends some analog reads to the computer when connected to a local IP, and have managed some basic port forwarding to access this from outside the network.

But.... when I've written (basic) webpages in the past, I've typed out the HTML, and uploaded that file to a server, and then could read that file at any time later on. This is what I want to do with this, have it update at whatever interval turns out to be reasonable, probably based on lightning activity.

Can someone give me pointers on what to search for, look for, do?? :slight_smile: please....

http post and things

more http post things

Thanks..... I'll take a look..... its just dawned on me, what I'm describing above is FTP really, isn't it? I can't seem to find much about FTP with the IOT 33, is it possible?

This page shows you how to write current data into a "fixed" web page.

If you also need to store data and later download it you CAN use FTP or HTTP.

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