Help to send arduino data to website

Hi everyone.

This will be kind of a newbie/rookie question about arduino, sensors and webpage.

I have created a basic climate monitor with an arduino nano.
To this i have created a simple HTML page with connected CSS code.

My question is: (i will open this in two questions)

  1. How do I send the data to a specifik place in the HTML page?¨

  2. I am planning to attach a sim to the arduino for remote monitoring, how do i send the data to SQL or similair and get it to the webpage?

Best regards

what's your Arduino? (for the connexion to IP network )

please explain it more details what you have and what you want to achieve.

You have an Arduino Nano -
With an W5100 Module? or are are planing to use a GSM Module? Give links to your products.
Your HTML is hosted - on the Nano or on another Webserver?
You want to send data from the Nano to the Webserver?
You have available a SQL Server on your Webserver?
You have available PHP and have some knowledge about PHP?
You know how to retrive data from SQL and display that on a HTML page?

I will get back to both of you with more details. Thank you in advance for helping me.

I hope to be able to not use php if possible. I am planning to host the web server and sql (MySQL) in a raspberry pie at home.

If there is to much work I am planning to only send the data to the Arduino cloud.

You can create php pages to receive the data your MCU sends and those PHP pages can put the data into the web site database.

ESP32 HTTP GET and HTTP POST with Arduino IDE (JSON, URL Encoded, Text)

the main question is:

How do you connect your arduino nano to an IP-network?
The technology used for the IP-network-conection determines which libraries to use for the basic connection.

The "layers" above the pure hardware-connection then are the same.

If you add an ESP32 to your existing Arduino Nano the ESP32 could act as its own webserver.

An ESP32 could even overtake all tasks that you have running in the arduino nano.

It is not nescessary to use SQL to get data onto a webpage.
Depending on how simple or complex yor data is
something like ESP-Dash is sufficient and with coding 100 lines of code everything is online.

In this thread I posted a demo-code including pictures how it looks like

best regards Stefan

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There is a complete solution to placing data on specific places on a web page in Arduino to Arduino via Serial
You will need to use either Serial (or Software Serial) from the nano.
JSON encode example also included BUT better to keep the msgs short and use CSV format

If your web site has the Flask Framework loaded you can use Python on the RPi and using the data from the Arduino display web pages on your web site. Your web site host may have instructions on how to load the Fask Framework.

I have 9 ESP32's communicating with a RPi4 running MQTT Broker. On the RPi, I run a Python program to propagate the data between ESP32's and the website. I'm currently working on changing my website from Javascript/PHP to using the Flask Framework. Learning curve for Flask was not all that long, I am already familiar with Python.

Using your own RPi, you can setup a Flask server and use the Flask Framework instead of PHP. I am using Thonny on the RPi to write my Flask application.

Thank you everyone for all the answers. I realize i have not been good enough in my description regarding the remote sensor part. I am planning to connect to my "webpage" via cellular connection, i have not bought the sim module to my nano yet.

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