Arduino + Xbee Shield + Arduino Ethernet Shield is it possible

As the subject can i use my Arduino uno + Xbee Shield + Arduino Ethernet Shield in the same time

Link for Arduino Ethernet Shield Link for the Xbee Shield

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Any of those could help me ?

Yes, you can. The XBee shield utilizes the UART for communication (pins 0 and 1). The Ethernet shield uses SPI pins (11,12,13) plus two CS pins (4 for the SD Card, 10 for the Ethernet chip).

Keep in mind that you cannot program the Arduino while the XBee shield is plugged in and the UART is connected between the XBee and the Arduino, since it is shared with the USB Serial (assuming you are using an UNO).

I was interested in this as well, I think Jeremy's got the answer, I also want to know if the Xbee & Uno can work with a GPS shield and antenna?

P.S your youtube videos are great, i'm currently doing the Xbee tutorial.


this is a solution… :o :o :o