so does/ can arduino take and record data that it recieved from sensors and what not and save it in its own system for later use? like if i was to connect it up to a laser for a race, could i program arduino so i can choose the distance of the race, and enter that with like a button on arduino(knowing say that every push of the button is 5meters or something) and have it display what its set at on like a calculator screen display, and when doing so, initiate the start of the race with a push of a button and when someone crosses the laser beam sensor it could record internally the time difference and thus show distance ran, over what time and give even like the average speed in mph? and say the race was like running to the beam, and back to the start and to the beam and back to the start, etc (so basically numerous laps) could i program it so it could recognize that i initiated a start button, and it counts like how many laps i was to run and keep track of each lap and time for each lap, and then when im done store all this information in its own database until i was to connect arduino to my computer and get an excell printout of like each lap with times and average speeds? im an avid runner and would liek to make this system to help me keep track of my running times and such. can anyone help? and if they need further information i can provide it. Im new to arduino and want to know what i can and cant do before i go buying one( but they seems super effiecent). I also know how to program C++ but im not the best so if anyone is a pro at c++ i would like to speak with them. Hope to hear back from some helpful people -Pat

a) yes, you should be able to do everything you want with an Arduino, and b) no, you don't need to be a "pro-C++" coder to code what you are wanting to do.

If you really want to do this, buy an Arduino, and/or a "starters pack" to get some parts and a breadboard, and start playing with the example sketches. Spend the time to learn, then once you are confident in your skills, look into expanding what you have learned to build your laser lap timer (or whatever it will be)...


Paragraph breaks. I really like paragraph breaks. ;D

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thankyou for your suggestions and haha im sorry about no paragraph breaks or anything like that. Im an electrical engineering major not an english major haha so i was just trying to get my idea out quickly without forgetting details and it turned into one huge paragraph. :)

it turned into one huge paragraph

It would be one thing if you were typing on a typewriter, but you're not; instead you are using the most advanced machine mankind has created.

Line breaks are fairly easy to insert after-the-fact in your "stream of consciousness"...


So what you're saying is sparkies are not expected to communicate effectively with the rest of us?

Good luck with your future career.

haha no im just saying maybe i need to work on my grammer and my presenting of ideas. Thanks for all your suggestions. Im going to buy one of these arduino's. What one would you suggest becasue i would like to get the most bang for my buck. Ive been looking at a bunch of platforms and i dont really know which one i should pick becasue they are all very similar. Im looking for something that can hold alot of programming memory, and one that can hold alot of sensors and do alot of top notch projects (becasue afterall im going to be doing more then just one project). i know there is blue tooth capabilities but is 150 bucks and i can pretty much do the same thing with the usb cord so im ruling that one out for now. what would you suggest as a good model to choose from thats cheap and has the most amount of capabilities (possible internet connectivity as well.).


i need to work on my grammer

Oh, the irony. ;D

i give up i guess...