ArduinoBLE Lib BLE HID support

Hi I'm trying to convert a Adafruit 52840 project to a NANO-33-BLE but do not see any BLE HID support in the ArduinoBLE. Am I missing something or is it not supported?

If not directly supported anyone have have any ides on how to do this on NANO-33-BLE?

Thoughts - somehow go direct to mbed. - load Bluefruit 52840 bootloader into Nano as the both use a nordic 52840 based module.

any ideas welcome as I am up against a deliverable and need the smaller Nano to fit in a project.


What specifically do you need it to do? There is no HID support (yet). I wrote a project to be an HID host to get input from BLE gamepads, maybe this will help you:

Github repo of Nano 33 BLE HID gamepad (host)

I was having a conversation about this very topic earlier, thought the response I got might also be helpful to you -

I thought you wanted BLE HID? USB HID is not helpful.