ArduinoBLE pairing passkey

I am using Arduino Nano 33 IoT, I need secure communication with another Arduino Nano 33 IoT.

BLE communication works but I need to do a pairing with passkey.

I can't find any example on the official "ArduinoBLE" library

Hi @salviador. The ArduinoBLE doesn't support pairing. You can learn about that here:

There is a proposal to add the capability from the community here:

If you like, you can give the library from that fork a try. The download is here:
Instructions for installing libraries manually here:

(make sure to delete your installation of the official ArduinoBLE when you install the modified one so they don't conflict with each other.

No guarantee whatsoever that it will work for you, but maybe it will be a fun experiment?

Thanks your post was a great help.
The goal is to use a modified wii nunchuk with the nano 33 IoT to control my wheelchair via BLE. For this, a minimum security is appropriate

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