I've made an arduinoboy... which is a MIDI interface for nintendo gameboy.

Maybe this can be inspiration for some on how to make a nice and sturdy enclosure, something I always struggle with...

Here are some pics with description:

Here's the arduinoboy schematics:

It looks nice, but what does it do? I have a couple of old gameboy colours and a couple of the exact same cable you used but I haven't touched them since I got my NDSL.

You can use to make bleeeepy music on old b/w gameboys using any of these gameboy music programs:

Oh, and the midi interface is for syncing it up with other music gear. You can create 4 channels of sounds on the gameboy alone but if you want drum machines and other stuff...

Also besides sync you have the possibility to send midi notes and other parameters, and it can make the gameboy send midi-out as well. Haven't tried this out myself though...

was searching on the net for something like this and found this thread

do you need a lsdj/nanoloop cartridge to run this or is there software on the arduino?
im more interested in the midi out to control other things?



You need lsdj to do midi-out, but I think it's limited to just sync, so it's not for sequencing and controlling external midi stuff.

But have a look at Nitrotracker, I think it can do just that, it's for Nintendo DS.

Btw, an update on arduinoboy, Trash80 just released a new version with an accompaning gameboy program (mGB) that takes the gameboy midi (IN) control to a new level! Take a look at it!