Arduino Gameboy & MIDI Communication

Hi everyone. This is my first arduino project code named "Arduinoboy"

For starters its a simple design that allows communication to the Nintendo Gameboy via its gamelink port.

The purpose of this project was to design a working concept of a midi communication interface to the Gameboy for native programs like LittleSoundDJ.

More info at:

Best! Timothy - trash80 -

very cool project. I've got an old gameboy lying around somewhere and I would love to have it communicate with an arduino, although maybe not via djing software.

Any hardware you can recommend I get to start playing around with interfacing my gameboy to the arduino ?

Well it's not DJ software, it's a music tracker. (Its name is misleading :) )

You would need a flash cart. That is the major hurdle.

there is also this interesting project:

and the great gameboy devrs site:

Hello there. I am in the process of building a LSDJMC2 box from firestarters design and I stumbled upon your Arduinoboy! Nice! i was hoping for that. infact i thought about doing that before i decided to make the LSDJMC2 but thought that it would be too hard to code.

So i cant find much info on how to actually wire the gameboy cable into the arduino.... I bought some gba link cables and there are only 3 wires init even though it has 6 pins in the connector (and there is some copper shielding which i pulled back) .

How would i then wire this to the arduino?

to the right of that schematic is the gameboy cable.

Really you only need 3 wires: Gound, Clock, and Data Input. If you want gameboy to be master clock it would be: Ground, Clock, Data Output.

If you want to power the Arduino off of the gameboy you would need the +5v Power line off the cable.

Hope that helps. /t

Alright but how do i know which is ground which is clock and which is Data?

The pinout schematic on your google code page(what you linked me to) shows what the pins go to but i need to know how to attach the actual wire to the arduino and i dont know which wire is which.

Also i see by your recent flikr set that you are using a decimelia board. Will i have to do anything different with the older USB arduino?

Im so excited about getting this to work for a VJ show i have next week. Please respond as soon as you can.
Thanks! and keep up the great work.

The schematic shows which is ground, which is clock, etc. Looking at the cable on the right of the photo.

And as well that schematic is out of date, the software has moved to a more standard pin layout for the arduino. so the arduino pins have changed