arduio to tesla coil

alright gang, well finished building my tesla coil looks pretty mental, i need a controller for the boards. can the arduino do a pulse width of 58us to 285us and pulse repetition frequ of 60hz-300hz??

got a board here just have no idea how to setting this up… any ideas?

Could you post your address, so we’ll know where to send the flowers?

Check the sound area of the Playground for code ideas.

But don't tell anyone I suggested this until after you've verified that the Tesla coil doesn't kill you ;D


ill post some pictures of it when i get a chance.

Have a successful arduino interface with the tesla coil using midi and fiber optics. Has anyone got poly/duo phonic sound from an arduino? Monophonic is cool but duo would be mental!

#define OUTPIN  9 //Output pin to drive coil. 
#define NOTELIM  70 // Highest MIDI note to output. 
#define PWLIM  300 //Pulse Width limit in us. 
#define PWMULT  3 //  multiplier applied to velocity to get pulse width . 

//Include librarys. 

#include <MIDI.h> 
#include "TimerOne.h" 

//Define Global Variables 

unsigned int midiperiod[128]; // Array to store midi note periods 
unsigned int pw = 20;            // Caurrent Pulase width 

void setup(void){ 
  // Prepare Timer1 

  //  Set the pin we want the ISR to toggle for output. 

  //Start up the serial port 

//Define Midi Note Periods 
midiperiod[0] =122312; 
midiperiod[1] =115447; 
midiperiod[2] =108968; 
midiperiod[3] =102852; 
midiperiod[4] =97079; 
midiperiod[5] =91631; 
midiperiod[6] =86488; 
midiperiod[7] =81634; 
midiperiod[8] =77052; 
midiperiod[9] =72727; 
midiperiod[10] =68645; 
midiperiod[11] =64793; 
midiperiod[36] =15289; 
midiperiod[37] =14431; 
midiperiod[38] =13621; 
midiperiod[39] =12856; 
midiperiod[40] =12135; 
midiperiod[41] =11454; 
midiperiod[42] =10811; 
midiperiod[43] =10204; 
midiperiod[44] =9631; 
midiperiod[45] =9091; 
midiperiod[46] =8581; 
midiperiod[47] =8099; 
midiperiod[72] =1911; 
midiperiod[73] =1804; 
midiperiod[74] =1703; 
midiperiod[75] =1607; 
midiperiod[76] =1517; 
midiperiod[77] =1432; 
midiperiod[78] =1351; 
midiperiod[79] =1276; 
midiperiod[80] =1204; 
midiperiod[81] =1136; 
midiperiod[82] =1073; 
midiperiod[83] =1012; 
midiperiod[108] =239; 
midiperiod[109] =225; 
midiperiod[110] =213; 
midiperiod[111] =201; 
midiperiod[112] =190; 
midiperiod[113] =179; 
midiperiod[114] =169; 
midiperiod[115] =159; 
midiperiod[116] =150; 
midiperiod[117] =142; 
midiperiod[118] =134; 
midiperiod[119] =127; 
midiperiod[12] =61156; 
midiperiod[13] =57724; 
midiperiod[14] =54484; 
midiperiod[15] =51426; 
midiperiod[16] =48540; 
midiperiod[17] =45815; 
midiperiod[18] =43244; 
midiperiod[19] =40817; 
midiperiod[20] =38526; 
midiperiod[21] =36364; 
midiperiod[22] =34323; 
midiperiod[23] =32396; 
midiperiod[48] =7645; 
midiperiod[49] =7215; 
midiperiod[50] =6810; 
midiperiod[51] =6428; 
midiperiod[52] =6067; 
midiperiod[53] =5727; 
midiperiod[54] =5405; 
midiperiod[55] =5102; 
midiperiod[56] =4816; 
midiperiod[57] =4545; 
midiperiod[58] =4290; 
midiperiod[59] =4050; 
midiperiod[84] =956; 
midiperiod[85] =902; 
midiperiod[86] =851; 
midiperiod[87] =804; 
midiperiod[88] =758; 
midiperiod[89] =716; 
midiperiod[90] =676; 
midiperiod[91] =638; 
midiperiod[92] =602; 
midiperiod[93] =568; 
midiperiod[94] =536; 
midiperiod[95] =506; 
midiperiod[120] =119; 
midiperiod[121] =113; 
midiperiod[122] =106; 
midiperiod[123] =100; 
midiperiod[124] =95; 
midiperiod[125] =89; 
midiperiod[126] =84; 
midiperiod[127] =80; 
midiperiod[24] =30578; 
midiperiod[25] =28862; 
midiperiod[26] =27242; 
midiperiod[27] =25713; 
midiperiod[28] =24270; 
midiperiod[29] =22908; 
midiperiod[30] =21622; 
midiperiod[31] =20408; 
midiperiod[32] =19263; 
midiperiod[33] =18182; 
midiperiod[34] =17161; 
midiperiod[35] =16198; 
midiperiod[60] =3822; 
midiperiod[61] =3608; 
midiperiod[62] =3405; 
midiperiod[63] =3214; 
midiperiod[64] =3034; 
midiperiod[65] =2863; 
midiperiod[66] =2703; 
midiperiod[67] =2551; 
midiperiod[68] =2408; 
midiperiod[69] =2273; 
midiperiod[70] =2145; 
midiperiod[71] =2025; 
midiperiod[96] =478; 
midiperiod[97] =451; 
midiperiod[98] =426; 
midiperiod[99] =402; 
midiperiod[100] =379; 
midiperiod[101] =358; 
midiperiod[102] =338; 
midiperiod[103] =319; 
midiperiod[104] =301; 
midiperiod[105] =284; 
midiperiod[106] =268; 
midiperiod[107] =253; 

    MIDI.begin();                //   Launch MIDI with default options 


void pulse(){ 

void loop(){ 
int controlnote; 

      //Check for availible midi data 
      if ( { 
        switch(MIDI.getType()) {        //   Get the type of the message we caught 
           case NoteOn: 
                // get note on number and check for limit 
                controlnote = MIDI.getData1(); 
                if (controlnote > NOTELIM){ 
                  controlnote = 10; 
                Timer1.attachInterrupt(pulse,midip eriod[controlnote]); 
                // Calculate Pulse width from velocity and Limit to P WLIM 
                pw = PWMULT * MIDI.getData2(); 
                if (pw > PWLIM){ 
                    pw = PWLIM; 
           case NoteOff: 
                //Disable the interupt. 


Here’s the code so far

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Thought I did that. Doing this from my phone so it's a little crap to see

alright gang, well finished building my tesla coil looks pretty mental, i need a controller for the boards. can the arduino do a pulse width of 58us to 285us and pulse repetition frequ of 60hz-300hz??

Yes it is really easy, i'm doing myself ruhmkorff coils, tesla coils, plasma rife healing devices & free energy devices thanks to arduino timers which I directly setup.

Please see my channel or this thread

plus these thread on how to "live" modify PWM to any pulse lenght & frequency

If you are thinking about interfacing a tesla coil to anything sensitive, please make sure you use fiber optics, so you don't go blowing stuff up :)

As Things wisdom wrote, yes tesla coil engineering with arduino control requires HV isolation. I've used so far 4N25 but now IL610 which are MUCH faster than 4N25. Of course, you'll need a power mosfet driver along with isolator ;)

Yeah those 4n25 were crap when I tested them. Has anyone created duophonic? With some sort of duty cycle adjuster?

Has anyone created duophonic?

Have you seen this:-

or this:-

Yeah those 4n25 were crap when I tested them.

Can you detail what specific problem you got with 4N25 with your solid state tesla coil?

It just was nowhere near as fast so it would skip notes.

if you really want 4n25 run fast, you need a driver between arduino pin and 4n25 plus driver between 4n25 and the mosfet pulsing tesla coil.

now depending the pulse lenght you're looking, below 10*2us best then use il610 which is ultra fast plus you don't need a driver between arduino pin and isolator but you'll still need a driver between il610 and mosfet pulsing tesla coil

The coil itself seemed to affect the performance. But you are right however justed used 6n138