Ardunio Mini Pro How To Wire

How do I wire this LED off on switch so the led light works I cant seam to get the light to work.

Where does the Pro Mini come into it ?

What do you want the switch to do ?
What type of switch is it ? Single pole double throw perhaps
Which LED are you referring to ?
What have you tried so far ?

I has a led at the top of the switch that is suppose to be on when in use. It has a Neg and a pos pole and light ACC. this is how its shown but I dont understand. Can I wire the 2 bottom post to Pos togeather or is it for a ACC light. her is a link to it and pic. Imagem1

The RX and TX pins are for Serial (which run at higher voltages than 5volts)

Your best option would be to buy a USB to Serial convetor and then use a MAX232 chip (it is a chip that converts TTL logic (5volts) to RS232 (3 to -25 volts).

Or you could try using the v-usb library. Google v-usb online.

What voltage do you think that the Rx and Tx pins run at if it is higher than 5V ?

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