ARM announces Device Platform and Free OS for Cortex-M based MCUs (mbed 3.0 IoT)

This is from ARM today:

ARM® has announced a new software platform and free operating system to simplify and speed up the creation and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) products. The ARM mbed™ IoT Device Platform has been built around open standards and will bring Internet protocols,

Find out more about mbed here:

It will be a busy 13 months!

All of this follows the announcement of the Cortex-M7 only two weeks ago.

Atmel is featured prominantly as a device partner. Would be interesting to see if things like Arduino ZERO and DUE could be ported to the mbed environment as they use Atmel MCUs based on Cortex-M silicon.

Hmm, "mbed Device Server: a licensable software product that", so not that free then.

I kinda of expect nowadays marketing material to say the opposite of reality.

Free in "free software" doesn't just mean "royalty-free" it means it is open-sourced
and GPL'd or CC or equivalent.

From what I can tell from the press release the client OS may well be free in both
senses, but the server-side (cloud) component needed(?) to use it will not be free in
either sense.

(?) Its only implied that its probably a requirement, its hard to say from the press release
alone. It could be that its required for secure access.

Anyone from ARM care to clarify?