(ask) how to communicate GPS ublox Neo 6M with Arduino Uno using i2c ?

i have read similar old topic to solve my problem,

i’m looking for some help , i already try that way to communicate using i2c but still no respond from gps ublox neo 6m
i attached a picture of result on serial monitor for that code.

hardware :

  1. u-Blox CN-06 GPS Receiver V3.0 (GPS receiver/ slave)
  2. Crius I2C-GPS NAV Module Navigation Board (I2c Module to communicate with arduino Uno)
  3. Arduino Uno r3 (host/ master)

what i should do then ?


u-blox doesn't list a CN-06 device on their website (http://www.u-blox.ch). So provide a link for all the hardware you actually have!

Your adapter board already includes an ATmega328p processor (if I found the correct one, that's why you always must provide links to all hardware and libraries you use). That processor may need some firmware upgrade (Recipe to get Crius GPS + I2C Nav board to work - RC Groups).

i use RCTimer u-Blox CN-06 GPS Receiver V3.0, its ublox cn-06 included .


i got this gps address , but it can’t send longitude, latitude, etc data .


Where did you have the Crius from (link)? Does that source say that it already contains the firmware? Maybe you first have to install that?

i got that link from rctimer official page, the problem was my Crius I2C-GPS NAV Module Navigation Board can't send data .
i already solved this problem used i2c communication with 2 arduino uno.

thank you, i appreciate your help .