Asynclabs wishield v2.0 "Wifi Shield Not Present"

Hi, I’m trying to connect a Asynclabs wishield v2.0 Wifi Shield to my Arduino UNO, I compile and upload the example WPA connection sketch, and all I get in the serial monitor is “Wifi shield not Present” Please help I cant get this to work. tried going into the Asynclabs web site but it does not exist. what am I missing here???

AsyncLab has been out of business for a good number of years and there is no continued support for this WiFi shield. If it has to be a WiFi solution is tend to recommend getting an Ethernet Shield and connect that per short cable to a Pocket WiFi router such as a TP-Link TL WR702n. Aside from being a tad more bulky it has advantages and can offer functionality that no current Arduino compatible WiFi shield. For example the pocket router can work as an access point and you can connect to it directly from a Android or iDevice.

Aside from that it is dead easy to set up and works with all the sample sketches that come with the Ethernet library.