ATmega168 to ATmega328?

Hello, I'm new to arduino, but have been interested for a while. I'm looking to buy an Arduino Duemilanove with USB input.

The thing is, I'm not sure how much memory I will use. I was just wondering since they have the same pinouts, could I just buy an ATmega328 with arduino bootloader pre-loaded and just replace the 168 chip if it's not enough space?

Would it just be more worth it to get the 328 in the first place? (I'm only seeing a few dollar difference on ebay {cheapest is the goal.})

Thanks for any help on this.

Yes to both questions, but I would start with a 328 board and be done with it. The 168 is so last year. ;)


^_^ Thanks. I figured it'd probably be best to just get the 328 as it's only $2 more on ebay, totaling $24. (Also comes with a proto shield PCB.)

I just didn't know.

(could still be a month or so 'til I buy one. Not to mention the different components to actually create something more then blinking LEDs.)

I know it's a lot more expensive, but I'm asking for this from my family for Christmas:

It comes with a lot of components, tons of jumper cables, and of course the Duemilanove. :)

For me it'd just be cheaper to get the one off of ebay for $24 and get two of the g kits.

Relatively the same package then, for $38 instead of $55. Saves some money at least.

(Also, I already have 10 LEDs and a few potentiometers as well.)

Well, maybe not exactly the same, but close enough for me.

For me it'd just be cheaper to get the one off of ebay for $24 and get two of the g kits.

Good idea :P. Never noticed the Price difference.

Well, the g kit doesn't include the piezo vibration sensor, which isn't important to me, as well, doesn't include the potentiometers, which also doesn't matter to me cause I have a few. Also, it doesn't have any jumpers... which again doesn't matter to me because I have a butt load of extra cat5 cable I can cut up. (several hundred feet of it)

So if that's important to you, you can probably buy each individual component cheaper.

Good plan, now just get it done. Your missing out on all the Arduino fun the reset of us are enjoying. ;D