ATmega168 vs ATmega328

Hello, I have a Arduino Duemilanove with the ATmega168 chip - is there any reason for me not to upgrade it to the ATmega328 chip? I use the Arduino Duemilanove to develope small program for the m168, then install them in other PCB boards I etch. Right now I’m building a laminator temperature control circuit using the m168 chip.

The m168 does everything I need now, but as my knowledge grows, I would like to think I might need the extra of the m328 chip - and since they are about the same price - would it not make sense for me to buy the m328 rather than a m168 as I purchase new chips?

Thanks to all for any info and guidance.

Ken H>

Yes I can’t see anything wrong with that way of thinking. I could get the 168 quite a bit cheaper and so I reserve the 328 chips for the bigger projects. Bt if they are the same price (or close) then go for it.

thank you for the input Mike - I look at DigiKey & Mouser (my usual sources) either chip is $4 to $4.50 each.

Is there a source for the chips in the 1 to 5 count range with better prices shipped?

Thanks again for the input. I was getting ready to order a couple of chips and got to thinking about the m328.

Ken H.

digikey is going to be hard to beat on price, but you can get them at places like seeedstudios ( with the bootloader already burned on it

the ones from digikey are totally blank, and require a programmer of some sort

Thanks for the concern Osgeld, I use the bootloader for developement with the Arduino board, but once I’ve got everything working as I want, I use a programmer to just burn the hex file bypassing the bootloader.

I just looked at the seeedstudio site and their m168 is less with bootloader burned in that Digikey is for a blank kit - depending on shipping costs of course.

Ken H>