ATmega2560 Interrupt List

Hi, I’m learning to use the Interrupts, but most info is about the UNO (ATmega328) and not the MEGA (ATmega2560) which I’m using for my current project.

I wonder if there’s a complete list of all the interrupts (and vector names) somewhere that I can write down in my notes. Interrupt-priority order would also be very nice.

  • Like the list on this page Available interrupts under “Available interrupts”, but just for the ATmega2560 Instead.

Thanks in advance!

Okay I looked at the datasheet and there was a complete list ofc. :stuck_out_tongue:
Datasheet under "Interrupts - Page 101-102

2  External Interrupt Request 0			(INT0_vect)
3  External Interrupt Request 1			(INT1_vect)
4  External Interrupt Request 2			(INT2_vect)
5  External Interrupt Request 3			(INT3_vect)
6  External Interrupt Request 4			(INT4_vect)
7  External Interrupt Request 5			(INT5_vect)
8  External Interrupt Request 6			(INT6_vect)
9  External Interrupt Request 7			(INT7_vect)
10 Pin Change Interrupt Request 0		(PCINT0_vect)
11 Pin Change Interrupt Request 1		(PCINT1_vect)
12 Pin Change Interrupt Request 2		(PCINT2_vect)
13 Watchdog Time-out Interrupt			(WDT_vect)
14 Timer/Counter2 Compare Match A		(TIMER2_COMPA_vect)
15 Timer/Counter2 Compare Match B		(TIMER2_COMPB_vect)
16 Timer/Counter2 Overflow			(TIMER2_OVF_vect)
17 Timer/Counter1 Capture Event			(TIMER1_CAPT_vect)
18 Timer/Counter1 Compare Match A		(TIMER1_COMPA_vect)
19 Timer/Counter1 Compare Match B		(TIMER1_COMPB_vect)
20 Timer/Counter1 Compare Match C       	(TIMER1_COMPC_vect)
21 Timer/Counter1 Overflow              	(TIMER1_OVF_vect)
22 Timer/Counter0 Compare Match A		(TIMER0_COMPA_vect)
23 Timer/Counter0 Compare match B		(TIMER0_COMPB_vect)
24 Timer/Counter0 Overflow			(TIMER0_OVF_vect)
25 SPI Serial Transfer Complete			(SPI_STC_vect)
26 USART0 Rx Complete				(USART0_RX_vect)
27 USART0 Data Register Empty			(USART0_UDRE_vect)
28 USART0 Tx Complete				(USART0_TX_vect)
29 Analog Comparator				(ANALOG_COMP_vect)
30 ADC Conversion Complete			(ADC_vect)
31 EEPROM Ready					(EE_READY_vect)
32 Timer/Counter3 Capture Event			(TIMER3_CAPT_vect)
33 Timer/Counter3 Compare Match A		(TIMER3_COMPA_vect)
34 Timer/Counter3 Compare Match B		(TIMER3_COMPB_vect)
35 Timer/Counter3 Compare Match C		(TIMER3_COMPC_vect)
36 Timer/Counter3 Overflow			(TIMER3_OVF_vect)
37 USART1 Rx Complete				(USART1_RX_vect)
38 USART1 Data Register Empty			(USART1_UDRE_vect)
39 USART1 Tx Complete				(USART1_TX_vect)
40 2-wire Serial Interface			(TWI_vect)
41 Store Program Memory Ready SPM READY		(SPM_READY_vect)
42 Timer/Counter4 Capture Event			(TIMER4_CAPT_vect)
43 Timer/Counter4 Compare Match A		(TIMER4_COMPA_vect)
44 Timer/Counter4 Compare Match B		(TIMER4_COMPB_vect)
45 Timer/Counter4 Compare Match C		(TIMER4_COMPC_vect)
46 Timer/Counter4 Overflow              	(TIMER4_OVF_vect)
47 Timer/Counter5 Capture Event         	(TIMER5_CAPT_vect)
48 Timer/Counter5 Compare Match A       	(TIMER5_COMPA_vect)
49 Timer/Counter5 Compare Match B		(TIMER5_COMPB_vect)
50 Timer/Counter5 Compare Match C		(TIMER5_COMPC_vect)
51 Timer/Counter5 Overflow			(TIMER5_OVF_vect)
52 USART2 Rx Complete				(USART2_RX_vect)
53 USART2 Data Register Empty			(USART2_UDRE_vect)
54 USART2 Tx Complete				(USART2_TX_vect)
55 USART3 Rx Complete				(USART3_RX_vect)
56 USART3 Data Register Empty			(USART3_UDRE_vect)
57 USART3 Tx Complete				(USART3_TX_vect)