Various Internal interrupts available in Arduino Uno

Can anyone please give me a list of the internal interrupts and how they are denoted in programs(for eg. TIMER0_COMPA_vect), or can u give me a source for this information?

or can u give me a source for this information?

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You can look at the ATMEL data sheets to get all the information you are asking for.

Section 12 of the '328 data sheet:

Vector No. Program Address Source Interrupt Definition 1 0x000 RESET External Pin, Power-on Reset, Brown-out Reset and Watchdog System Reset 2 0x001 INT0 External Interrupt Request 0 3 0x002 INT1 External Interrupt Request 1 4 0x003 PCINT0 Pin Change Interrupt Request 0 5 0x004 PCINT1 Pin Change Interrupt Request 1 6 0x005 PCINT2 Pin Change Interrupt Request 2 7 0x006 WDT Watchdog Time-out Interrupt 8 0x007 TIMER2 COMPA Timer/Counter2 Compare Match A 9 0x008 TIMER2 COMPB Timer/Counter2 Compare Match B 10 0x009 TIMER2 OVF Timer/Counter2 Overflow 11 0x00A TIMER1 CAPT Timer/Counter1 Capture Event 12 0x00B TIMER1 COMPA Timer/Counter1 Compare Match A 13 0x00C TIMER1 COMPB Timer/Coutner1 Compare Match B 14 0x00D TIMER1 OVF Timer/Counter1 Overflow 15 0x00E TIMER0 COMPA Timer/Counter0 Compare Match A 16 0x00F TIMER0 COMPB Timer/Counter0 Compare Match B 17 0x010 TIMER0 OVF Timer/Counter0 Overflow 18 0x011 SPI, STC SPI Serial Transfer Complete 19 0x012 USART, RX USART Rx Complete 20 0x013 USART, UDRE USART, Data Register Empty 21 0x014 USART, TX USART, Tx Complete 22 0x015 ADC ADC Conversion Complete 23 0x016 EE READY EEPROM Ready

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