ATmega328 non arduino programmer

Hi all I need a NON arduino programmer that will use the code written on the arduino ide and tested on arduino uno board .

That programmer will use the arduino ide code to program another ATmega328 .

Any suggestions ? elico

er you could rephrase the question so we understand it!

I will rewrite my question :

After i finish writing the C code on the IDE and downloading an testing in on the arduino uno , i want to duplicate the ATmega328 into a new out of board chip .

So I am looking for such a non arduino programmer that will use the code just tested to program it in a new ATmega328.

Am I clear now ?


aha you want to build and test a sketch in a regular Arduino environment then use the code in another ATmega 328 in a board not using the IDE etc?

you should search on ISP

allows you to download a sketch to another board

Not exactly My intention is to develop my project on arduino IDE and test it on arduino uno.

After all is done I want to duplicate the content of the arduino uno ATmega328 into a new ATmega328 chip that new ATmega328 will NOT BE a part of an arduino bord at programming time .

That new programmed chip will be mounted on a new self made NONE arduino board that will contain all external components used in design time like sensors and switches.

So i need that prorammer that will use the hex file from arduino ide and program the new ATmega328 .

Now I hope I am clear .


Do you have a socketed ATmega328 on your Arduino? The easiest way is to program the chip in your Arduino, then just pull it out and use it in your project, then put a new ATmega328 back in your Arduino.

Does that new ATmega328 have to come with a bootloader before I insert it in the arduino uno ? elico

Does that new ATmega328 have to come with a bootloader before I insert it in the arduino uno ?

It doesn't have to come with one. If it doesn't, though, you need to put one on the chip before the Arduino IDE can be used to upload a sketch to it.

How exactly that bootlog is put on a new ATmega328 ? elico

you can install or update the bootloader using a second UNO

look in the microntrollers forum pages of threads on how to do it it's quite easy

To find out how to program the various Atmel AVR chips a good place to start would be searching under Arduino as ISP.

The process is really quite simple, you just want to use Arduino0.22 or 0.23 ti load the ArduinoISP sketch in the board you are using as the programmer. I have used it to program 328 and 2313 chips. Takes longer to read about the process than to actually do it. An 328 chip mounted on a breadboard with power and crystal/resonator hooked up along with 4 wires and the grounds tied together.

Check out the Optiloader at the bottom of this thread,68183.0.html

Another way is to get an AVR ISP such as this

Connect it to pins on your new standalone board - Power, Gnd, Reset, D11-D12-D13 (MOSI-MISO-SCK) - which are the pins on the ICSP header - and use the IDE to either uplaod a bootloader into your part, or upload the sketch into the part with No bootloader, so the sketch starts immediately. IDE 1.0 supports both. Can always reprogram later if you decide to make change.

Many thanks to you all Elico