ATmega328P-PU sticker labels with bigger fonts

I searched for some labels to print and glue to barebones arduinos and I found two kinds:
1 - They looked great, but the links had expired (temporary hosting, modified dropbox links, etc).
2 - I could download them, but the lettering was too small.

So I made these on inkscape and I’m posting them here and on
Feel free to share and modify them, no credit necessary.

Versus other sticker found online: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

By itself: Imgur: The magic of the Internet and Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Just print the attached pdf (no scaling) or open the zip to edit the svg source.

P.S. Extra links just to be sure:

ATmega328P-PU Pinout label.pdf (54.4 KB)

ATmega328P-PU Pinout (4.48 KB)

Thank you for sharing those labels. vasconqs.

Update: I got a decent picture of these stickers vs the other stickers found online.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Hi, I know this topic is a bit old, but I have added an Excel file here: