Attach ultrasonic sensor to HiLetgo L293D DC Motor Drive board

Hey I wanted to know how to attach an ultrasonic sensor to HiLetgo L293D DC Motor Drive?

Which pins does the shield not use?

See that row of pins labeled "A0-5"?

Those are analog pins. You can configure them to be used instead of the digital pins that you would normally use.

So I can just place the wire in there and my sensor will still work?

I'm not sure I just got it.

But you've got a schematic, right?

Find any ultrasonic sensor tutorial and change anywhere where it uses a pin number (5, 8, 12, etc.) to any analog pin (A0, A2, etc.)

So like

digitalWrite(9, HIGH);


digitalWrite(A0, HIGH);

Just remember to wire it right.

EDIT - Learn Arduino before building a robot. Learn the coding language, or at least the basics. Learn what all the pins do and why, etc.

HiLetGo is an Amazon Chinese reseller. He won't have one.

Great I'll try it but where the A0 - A5 is can I just put the wire in and it would work? I won't need to solder anything?

You need to solder a pin header.

EDIT - Alternatively you could use conductive paint.

conductive paint.?

Look it up.

Pros are that it doesn't require melting metal, doesn't smell awful, and doesn't require soldering equipment.

Cons are that it's weak and your joints can come detached easily and that it's like $10 a tube.

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