Attempting Arduino and Servo Clock

I'm an Engineering student trying to make a wall clock with moving mechanisms. The basics are, that it will look like a bowling alley with 12 pins and each pin will fall down at the respected hour.

Therefore I was wondering if anyone here has any advice on controlling 12 servo motors from a single arduino, with some sort of a timer function to move the motor at the specific times. I have been attempting some arduino code through Tinkercad, but to no success.
Anything will be useful, thank you.

Most basic Arduinos can drive 12 servos using the standard Servo library. Or alternatively you could use a PCA9685 board to drive up to 16 servos. To handle the timing you will need an RTC (Real Time Clock). There are many examples of using these things in many different projects.

If you post what you have already tried and what problems you had we can start from there.


Best idea by far.

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