ATTiny10 on the Arduino IDE[solved]

Hi All,

Very new here and I've spent a bit of time trying to hunt down if it's possible to program the ATTiny10 on the Arduino IDE.

Online all I seem to be able to find is people using an AVR programmer that's in C. I can't seem to find any stable board support for it so i'm at a bit of a loss here.

I've had experience with the Mega, Uno,Nano, pro and the ATTINY85 which all used the IDE but can't find any resources for the Attiny10.

Does anyone have some links for me to read or Board Manager files to allow me to use the attiny10?


I'm not aware of anyone having made a core for those.

The small flash absolutely sucks to try to write arduino code with (great lengths were gone to to make the tiny13 usable with only 1k flash) , and programming them is harder because they use something other than ICSP for programming.

They aren't exactly chips that are well suited for use with Arduino.

If is possible- there is a good guide here and the core files are available here. Since there is so little Flash memory it doesn't include a lot of the Arduino functions and you have to use an external programmer since there is no onboard USB (and no room for a bootloader obviously.

This project was started out as simple as all I wanted was to code an LED to blink when a button is pressed and was under the impression that the ATTiny 10 was like the 85 (just upload the code and you're done) but it seems this is going to be a lot more work than I originally thought.

It's always those small projects that end up being the largest lol

Yeah, unless you are absolutely married to the idea of using a physically tiny processor then the 85 is a much much easier option.

Sadly this chip has to go inside a tiny hole and the 85 is just way too large to fit.

That's a pain. After a bit more digging this might be better way to go.

Thanks @BJHenry, I was looking at that exact page as you sent it.!

I also found this video How to use the Atmel ATTINY10 Microcontroller - YouTube which doesn't really solve my arduino IDE issue but is clear enough that I think i'll be able to code in C just for this one project.

Here are the small chips that are Arduino supported that I know of.

Attiny25 in SMD is pretty small 8pin package.

You could try contacting the author and ask about Attiny10 support.

Here are the small chips that are Arduino supported that I know of.

GitHub - SpenceKonde/ATTinyCore: Arduino core for ATtiny 1634, 828, x313, x4, x41, x5, x61, x7 and x8
Attiny25 in SMD is pretty small 8pin package.

You could try contacting the author and ask about Attiny10 support.

As the author of ATTinyCore - No, I will not add support for the ATTiny10. I do not have interest in supporting chips with such awkwardly tiny flash (I stop at 2k, and only support 2k where there's a 4k or larger version of the chip). If I'm going to support a new class of chips with a different programming protocol, it's going to be the new megaAVR ones.

Ask Hans, he does MicroCore, for the t13, it is much closer to what you'd need in order to have a vaguely usable core for it - he has done a lot of optimization to reduce flash consumption.

Have you considered an attiny85 in the MLF/QFN package? Is that small enough, or still too big?

I have no plans adding Attiny10 support to MicroCore. The problem with the ATtiny4/5/9/10 is that they have a rediced instruction set (54 vs 120 on t13). This means the compiler is not able to create as efficient and small code for the t10 as it would for the t13.

The ATtiny13 is kinda capable when used with MicroCore. I'm using a t13 in a class AB amplifier where it's monitoring the temperature of a heatsink with an analog temeprature sensor (LM35DM) and controlling a 12V PC fan with a few speed levels and hysteresis. I'm still only using about half the flash memory available.

Hey everyone thanks for all the replies, the attiny10 was just small enough to fit in my project but I appreciate all the suggestions.

I've decided to just learn to code using the Atmel studio programmer and just see how it goes since for what I'm doing the code should be just simple enough to get my head around.

Thanks all!

Hi All,
I found this topic when in searching info on how to program my attiny10.
And thou this already months. I think I will just added info here so might help others whose in same search.

I found this ATTiny10IDE really helpful and stable enough to program the little chip.
GitHub - wholder/ATTiny10IDE: A Streamlined IDE for Coding and Programming the ATtiny10 and other ATTiny Devices.
It could use similar coding style as Arduino IDE and also can use existing Arduino board to do the TPI programming. And you can also code in C or ASM if needed to.

And for my first try with it, here is what I've done to try this little tiny package's capability.

Hope this can help.