Audio input / Guitar effect

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"You can capture sound in real time and make a sound effect pedal for your guitar".

Sounds interesting too me I thought;. As a pro software developer, former verilog coder / ASIC designer and music production enthusiast I started a new project after getting the MKR Vidor 4000. I found it doable from examples to build a sequencer too play loops (with SDRAM support). I implemented PWM output and checked results with 3.5 plug line input into Audacity.

When the first MKR4000 memory broke (could not upload bit image) I implemented the same system i C++ on PC to have a reference model and that works is now complete and I have a shining new MKR4000.

So now to the problem as an hobbyist I would need an easy solution to get audio input on a single pin also. Today I can generate with "arduio code" tones on an analogue pin which I can sample and play back. There are topics both on how to try to use hi frequency ADC to arduino pins which is not possible and also using the built in AD pin converted to Vidor4000 which is to also slow.

I have seen components like this but then I would have to get help with the analogue stuff:

And I think I would like to get a single bit PWM input to keep it simple? Anyone know if there is a audio Arduino ADC plus PWM conversion component or possibly an easier solution.

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