Audio signal Mod. by using PWM in Arduino

Good Morn.. Hi Myself KaiRoS form India, My mini project (current aim) is to modulate the audio signal by using the analog modulation technique i.e PWM...... I was totally fail to generate by traditional means such as: "Using the Timer-555/556, Using discrete comparators.." Please help me to get this rid off....Suggest me some stuff with Arduino Atmega 328 where solution is concerned with PWM as domain..... NOTE this : I want this technique for communication purpose (i.e modulation must contain a large resolution) and not for the 'Motor Speed Control'. OR If there are some other digital means to modulate the signal then plzzz specify them....

See the Audio section in the Playground,

You could try the Mozzi library, I don't know if that is usefull for you, but it is fun. It will show what the Arduino can do with a PWM signal.

The Arduino is not ment to be used as a DSP processor. Do you have a audio signal, and you want to modulate the amplitude with a PWM signal. I don't understand that, can you explain what you want to achieve ?

Dude it's quite simple......Just like FM where we've a baseband signal (say a song), which is supposed to modulate by carrier of certain higher frequency, similarly here I just wanna do a certain modulation which is not actually digital but not more likely analog too..... I've elected PWM because I want to drive an optical source.....It seem to be an optimistic one,doesn't it ? & Thanx dude....good eve. ;)