Audio to Led project.

Hi, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I'm using Arduino (mega) to control roughly 1500+ Leds (ws2812b) in a swimming pool enviroment, which is working fine. the next step of the project is to get them reacting to sound. I initially got a MAX9814 Electret MIC Microphone Amplifier Module Auto Gain Control. which I also got working. and does what I expected. the end result is something like

However this approach wont work in the end as once the pumps and air system is turned on the pump room is quite noisy so the MAX9814 will pickup a ton of background noise. I've been comfortable so far as the arduino is self contained and if I break anything its just going to be the arduino.

I have to have all the electronics etc inside the pump room as that's the 'dry' environment separate from the pool room.

Currently the sound is Fed from an Alexa Dot, to a Big Amp to Speakers around the room the Arduino simply listens to the Mic. I'm thinking of Feeding the 3.5mm output of the Dot into 'something' the arduino can read, and then feed the audio back to the Amp. this removes the need for the 'mic' and eliminates the background noise of the pump room.

I come from the programming side of things not the electronic side. normally I'm quite good at finding projects that fit my needs online, but this time as i'll be joining the amp / alexia etc to the arduino the possibilities to seriously break something are there..

I'm only using sound volume as trying to break out the frequency's of the audio will probably be too much for a single arduino with it already controlling 1500+ leds.



You're on the right track in figuring out that it's a bit cumbersome to use a mic to pick up audio when you already have the audio in a line. Take a look at the MSGEQ7 chip. You can do some neat things with it pretty easily.

Thanks, Ordered myself a Spectrum shield - I take back Im usually good at finding solutions on the internet I total missed this.

Good Call,