Audio via Bluetooth

Hello, this is my first time posting, so please be patient. I have a simple idea in mind, where I basically want to do the following:

  1. Read music/audio files (mp3 or something similar) from an SD card
  2. Take those files, and send them via Bluetooth to my wireless headphones (or any Bluetooth speaker in general)
  3. All other associated IO (buttons, displays, leds, etc) are just 'fluff' and can be easily implemented later on.

In short, a crude Bluetooth media player.

So far, I think that I can handle the SD card code and procedures, but after much searching, I can't really seem to find a solution for transmitting audio data to consumer devices. All the tutorials online talk about "oh yeah, download my app and then you can blink an LED from your!"-yeah, I don't really care about those things at all.

Is it possible to use something like the common HC-05 module and get 'quality' sound at a decent bit-rate to something like a BT speaker? If so, could anyone help me find some articles, papers, books, or datasheets associated with this? Keep in mind that I don't have to use the HC-05. In fact, if you could point me towards a specialized chip/module, that would be even better.

Eventually, I would like to scale this down, as I am only using the Arduino for prototyping. The final product should be as small as possible on the final PCB. I am thinking of using the MSP430 micro controller, and some BT chip from TI. But before I can even think about those things, I have to understand how the Bluetooth will work (for audio transmission).

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me!

Modules like the HC-05 don't support Bluetooth audio streams.

Bluetooth audio right now is not a large hobby interest anymore. The reason is simple, no matter how cool your solution is going to be it will always be crappy compared to what you can buy for little money.

You might think it is a simple idea but there are a couple of complex issues.

  1. Bluetooth Audio is only possible with Bluetooth Classic not with BLE
  2. you said media player not all media formats are open and can be use freely without a license
  3. MSP430 is not a powerful processor for loading files, audio decode, push data to Bluetooth module and handling buttons and display

If you still want to investigate this have a look at the Dev Kit from Silabs. The module is no longer recommended for new design, but it still gives you an idea what is required for a Bluetooth Audio solution.

Silicon Labs WT32i Bluetooth Audio Development Kit

Bluegiga Classic Legacy Modules WT32i-a

Ok, thanks for helping out guys. I guess I'll shelve this idea and bring it out when I am more competent at developing electronics. Again, thank you for the quick response!