Just received an email from Mp3Car, who sell through Amazon, telling me that " is the old Arduino site and all purchases of official Arduino products should be purchased through"! I think I will stay myselfm

You could ask them for the legal court’s decision, telling that their claim is correct.
If they can’t show such decision, they might be incriminating themselves by slander.

I would not go through the trouble of doing that myself.
They would be added to the list of companies to never buy stuff from any more.
And yes, i’m serious about that, i do have a list like that.

Yes, that's the way I'm going I will just by from .cc

Boards previously sell by are exatly the same that those sell by ! They are manufactured in the same place by the same people. I do not know if those which will be manufactured by Adafruit in India will have the same reliability !

I can not understand how has overnight official boards become Fakes. It is an internal dispute inside Arduino family. It's always dangerous to immicer in family affairs :grin:

Contrary to what some believe, or want to believe to have fun, there not yet a court decision.

Of course there isn’t.
That’s the whole point.

Adafruit doesn't manufacture their boards in India. They manufacture them here in the US.