Auto Grow Project - newbie project

Hi Guys,
I'm new to electronics, yet I've chosen to go with something more meaningful then turning and LED on or controlling a motor.

The whole idea of this project is to provide an high quality (as much as my brain will allow me to) auto-grow device that will be able to turn and cabinet/room into a growing area with ease.
I plan to build it using simple (CHEAP) components and open source it completely.
*The proffered method for such small places (IMO) is "Top-Fed DWC", therefore I'll might be focusing towards that.

Feature list:
The device will be based on 4 components:

  • Sensors: (Air temperature , Air humidity, Air CO2, Luminosity, water PH, water EC, water temperature)
  • Doser: Handle 4-6 nutrition bottles (2 for PH up and PH down)
  • Watering system
  • Light control

The device will be recipe based for your grow - which you can share (or use others), for example:

  • For the first 2 weeks:

  • turn lights on for 10H and then turn off for 14H

  • balance PH level between 5.5-6.5

  • for every liter of water added to the Reservoirs add 1OZ from doser#1, 0.2 from doser#2

  • From the 3rd to 5th

  • etc.

  • end

The device will log all info and will make it available using a dedicate app/web server.

So what will it include (ingredients):


  • How to calibrate and integrate the MQ-135 in order to check for CO2 level: Source I, Source II

  • How to calibrate the GL5528 LDR Source I

  • How to calibrate and integrate the PH device: Source I, Source II
    Source III

  • How to fix the RTC ZS-042 module: Source I

  • Check if its possible to keep the PH meter in water for a long period of time

Other projects I'll relay on:

What do you think guys?

So I’ve decided to split the project into smaller junks:

  • Doser - 8x dosing pumps. controlled via buttons OR HTTP API ← I’m here!.
  • Sensor - Air temperature , Air humidity, Air CO2, Luminosity, water PH, water EC, water temperature. controlled via buttons OR HTTP API.
  • Climate - Water temperature, Air temperature, Humidity, Light. controlled via buttons OR HTTP API (Air temperature and humidity will be in next version).
  • Master - Full control over Doser, Sensor and Climate nodes. Grow recipe base. Log data from nodes + Camera. Controlled via buttons OR App/Web interface.

Fritzing Source: GitHub - eldad87/AutoGrow: Auto Grow - Doser, Sensor, AC and more. Arduino based, electronic sketches, parts links and more.

Doser status:

  • Place motors, mosfets
  • Connect Wifi ← I’m here!
  • Display + Buttons
  • RTC
  • SD Card reader
  • Code