auto leveling question

I have an idea where I would like to build an auto leveling system for a table. I'm thinking on using an accelerameter to get it to level and then have it hooked up to motors that will get the table to 0 on the accelerometer.

Is this possible or is way to much work to even attempt?

TIA for any help.

Overall it possible. But devil in details. For example how accurate your leveling should be? How heavy is your table? How fast it should be leveled. How often you going to level it? etc...

I’m building a scaling table to scale my racing go karts. It’ll be a little heavy so I’ll need some motors with strength to them.

So if very high accuracy is not required - simple accelerometer may do a job. But you need to find out what stepper motors and control boards you are going to use.

I haven't got that far yet lol. Mostly seeing if it was a possibility.

Do you have an Arduino already? Order an accelerometer module. Mount it to some platform. Run some simple sketch with output to serial monitor and check if you can get required leveling manually.

Ya I have to get those pieces. The ardrino I have just broke lol.

Order a 3-5 Nanos. like or

You can get them even cheaper from China but it will take 3-4 weeks.