3 points suspended level platform using accelerometer

Damianodesigns here.

I’m creating a small self-levelling platform suspended to 3 points with a small winch. The 3 anchor points are never on the same place or height. The platform should be able to go up and down being level at any time using tree motors.

I just wondered if you guys could give me some advice for this project. I’m new to this so any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I just wondered if you guys could give me some advice for this project.

Yes. Start with small steps.
Write a sketch to read the values from your accelerometer and display those values to the serial monitor.

Purchase 3 small DC motors with encoders.
Write a sketch to make the motors run forward and backwards.
Write another sketch to read the encoder values and display them to the serial monitor.

You will need some solution for getting the accelerometer data from the platform to the arduino that controls the motor.

Then you can hook up a small platform to your 3 small DC motors. Put the accelerometer on the platform.
Then write a sketch to mote the platform up and down, keeping it level using your accelerometer data.
Then select winches that are powerful enough to lift your real platform.
Select motor drivers that can run those winches.
Put encoders on the winches.
Make your actual platform and put it all together.

How to measure tilt using an accelerometer.