Automatic attiny programming

Hello. I've used an arduino uno to program the ATTINY10-TS8R on a couple projects. I was looking to make a product in bulk with them, but programming can take quite a bit of time. Is there a way to get the arduino uno to automatically program the attiny without either being hooked up to a computer?

Sure, program it from an SD card.

Nick Gammon wrote the code. I don’t see Attiny10 in the list of chips supported, perhaps it could be added.

StandaloneProgrammerWithDisplays125h.ino (45.3 KB)


ATTiny10 uses TPI instead of ISP for programming. There may be a sketch that can program from uno automatically.

And yeah, for large enough quantities, you can just pay microchip (or, I think, some other vendors as well) to get them pre-programmed...