Automatically switch Bluetooth and USB Android Tablet Adafruit 32u4 Basic Proto


I am new here and this is my second post. In the first one I asked for too much, I now see, since I had no clue of Arduino and just wanted a solution. No one replied…
Now I have programmed for a few weeks, and enjoying it in fact, so I try again. I do have some programming background, so much of what I am learning has been buried deep for a couple of decades.

I am programming a Adafruit Feather 32u4 Basic Proto Bluetooth LE to serve as a remote control for an Android tablet on a motorcycle. A prototype of a thumb switch board is sending keyboard, mouse and media messages vie the feather to the tablet, where the apps Tasker and AutoInput interprets the messages and pass them on to the navigation apps. The mouse function is straight forward using the mouse library, and I also use the HID-project library. See the attached image and video. In the video I zoom in and out in the app Viewranger and switch apps. The top six buttons are directional mouse buttons and left/right mouse click while the other three have different functions depending on which app is open. They will also control scrolling of a rally roadbook as seen in the attached picture.

As of now the communication is done via USB OTG, but here comes the question; The feather as a built in bluetooth module. Would it be possible to make an automatic switch between bluetooth and USB, so that if the usb looses connection the bluetooth kicks in.
The reason for asking is that this is for offroad navigation where anything not secured 100% will shake loose and crack.

Any advice would be much appreciated.