available TTL Camera Modules that output RAW!

Hello Community!

I'm desperately searching for a VGA Camera Module that can output RAW images.
I'm currently using:
This camera is just poorly crafted and mine doesn't even work at 640x480 so i'm stuck with 320x240.
BUT! It's the only Camera i could find that provides a RAW output!

The linksprite camera would be nice. But according to the manual, there is no way to get RAW images :astonished:

Any ideas suggestions?
Does anyone now how to craft your own module by buying the individual parts from omnivison? :fearful:

Are there any RAW outputting TTL level working VGA Camera Modules out there? =(

I am not sure what you are going to do with it on an arduino but this is one:-

Thanks for the reply.
I need something compact and not to fancy. some alternative to the linksprite and 4d systems camera i posted.
Most importantly it needs to be available in a shop. Preferable where I can buy single quantities.

Most importantly it needs to be available in a shop.

What a walk in shop.
I don't think you will find one. Nowadays it is a very specialist thing, here is one but it is not from a shop.

You might look at second hand Ham TV equipment you could find one there.

Nahhh... not a shop to walk in! Just a place to order the stuff without having to buy a 100 pieces at once.
It only needs to take pictures. maybe i disassemble my webcam...

Thanks for the link Mike, the hardware looks good but there is just too much casing and ports and it runs on 12V... way too much power,

What is a RAW image? How do you read a raw image into Uno? See the Wish list thread for more information.

What is a RAW image?

Uncompressed video stream with separate RGB components, either digital or analogue.

I was confused because we all know you can’t process video with an Arduino directly.

Yes but the OP has not mentioned anything about doing anything with an arduino. That is only implied from where he posted it. Given raw video input you can sample the odd patch on an arduino, given a hand full of TTL.

Thanks Mike for creating some clarification on the topic.
(And btw. I processed whole 640x480 images on the arduino and some external flash memory)

List of available TTL-Level VGA Cameras with RAW output-format:



end of list in all of the internet... this consumer market is frustrating for an engineer.

on the arduino and some external flash memory

Are you sure it was flash?
Flash memory is quite slow to write to. I would have thought SRAM would have been better.
I have used dual port ram in the past allowing access from the computer and video digitiser simultaneously.

Please join this discussion if you feel it's related:

Flash memory is quite slow to write to.

Yes it is.
I'm building myself one of those now:

but with a 1024x8 - 8Mbit memory instead.

@sbright33 ... i will

Hi everybody. My dream would be to program an Arduino to get a Bayer Raw picture from the sensor straight to an SSD or SDcard with less calculation as possible to increase the speed. Why can't I connect my Sensor MT9T001 to an arduino? (this sensor has no image processor integrated and delivers bayer raw signal).