avr clko output to multiple devices.

Hello, long time lurker and reader but this is my first time asking a question on here and I apologize if its been answered but I could not find the answer. I know the atmega328 fuses can be set to output the clock signal on clko (pb0) now what I'm unsure of is can I connect more than one other device, in this instance two mcp2515 ic's, to this with no issues? My instincts say yes but I'm not sure and if yes should a buffer be used to drive more than one?

also side question, I have a 16mhz crystal and want to put out 8mhz on clko, I know this is possible but having a little bit of an issue trying to figure out which fuse bits I need to do this I know low bit 6 is the clko enable option but not what to set for 8mhz out.

and can anyone tell me why I can't register on avr freaks, after the 100th attempt I cannot retry for 15 days now.