Avr dude stk 500 error

i have a arduino board...ATMEGA328..the board works fine in windows 7 64 bit...but it doesnt work in ubuntu 10.10 32 bit.i have installed the necessary libraries like avr-libc,avr-gcc etc..i have also installed java..i get the error avrdude stk500():programmer is not responding error.whenever i try to upload a sketch into the board..i am able to choose the board and the serial port from the IDE ..the device is being detected..i found this by typing the command dmesg in the shell..the dmesg command was used with and without the board plugged into the USB port..the board is fine since it works perfectly with windows..what could be the problem..pls help..


Which arduino board do you have, there are many clones. Which libraries did you install? How did you install the necessary libraries. Which version of java did you install? Can you post the output of dmesg with the board plugged in? Did you try to run the arduino software as root. Hold down the shift key and try in upload the sketch, post the sketch. The more information the better we can help.