AX-12 Servo Issue

Hey all, I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to control the Dynamixel AX-12 servos with an Arduino Uno. I've been using this Serial library, but it isn't working with me. When I try to tell it to move with "Ax12.move(1, 512)" the light on the servo just blinks at me. So is it correct to assume that the blinking light means that the servo isn't understanding the message? And how would I have to change it to understand? My whole code:

#include "Dynamixel_Serial.h"

void setup()

  if( != 0)

void loop()
  Ax12.move(1, 512);

have you gotten the servo to move using any other application for test purposes?

If the servo is blinking means that something is wrong. The power supply or the position not allowed or the torque too high.

What do you use for the power supply?

I got it figured out, it was a power supply problem. Thanks!