AX12 serial servos and Arduino


I have build a balancing robot based on Sparkfun 5DOF acc/gyro combo, Arduino and Parallax continuous servo. I had sofar mixed results and suspect the servos have to much backslash

I want to test the AX12 servos which are supposed to have reduced backslash Can someone point me to some Arduino code to run these very specific servos (serial communication)

TIA Yves

WOW They look interesting servos ! Anyone know where I can get them in the UK ? and also a library would be useful ;) Can they rotate 360­ degrees continuously ?

ax-12 servo uk in google brings up a number of hits, this is the first:

ah, thanks I found that site (I think) and I thought it was in Canada! ::)

Hi myozone, the pricing in pounds is the giveaway ;)

BTW, you are closer to Canada then they are, I just had a look and see they are just down the hill from me :)

If you get those servos, please let us know how you get on with them.

Have fun!

Hi Mem, Just ‘looking’ at the moment :), Would nice for a precision pan and tilt head idea I have + other ideas - just needs a good library. I’m still learning C/C++ :smiley:

myozone: Yes the AX12 has built in continuous rotation feature w/o hardware hack

I have found theoritical discussion on Arduino/AX12 interface here: but sofar no actual working code

As anybody developped some demo code to control AX12 from Arduino ??? :P

TIA yves

Thanks I'll have a look :)

Hi, I created a library for the Arduino can run these servos and I've only used the conventional serial hardware on the arduino. :P

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