BA6920FP-Y DC Motor driver


i had this BA6920FP-Y DC Motor driver lying around and want to use it.

Site 10/20

Can someone maybe help who to control this with a arduino and how to wire? i can't find any tutorials.

Thanks in advance.

Your link points to a corrupted file.


This is the datasheet link. It was very slow to load.

As far as I can see the connections are very straightforward. It needs motor-power and GND and, from the Arduino, 5v, GND and 2 PWM signals, one for FWD and one for REV

I can't immediately see what the Vref pin is for so try leaving it unconnected.


So i need to connect like this:

Pin 17 VCC -> Arduino 5V
Pin 16 VM -> 12V DC
Pin 18 FIN -> Arduino Digital Pin 2 (then Digital Write High for Forward?)
Pin 20 RIN -> Arduino Digital Pin 3 (then Digital Wirte High for Reverse?)

And thats all?

PS: Here Mirror of the Datasheet

I think you have the Driver pins correct. The Uno pin 2 cannot produce a PWM signal. If you need speed control in reverse you would need to use a PWM pin.

If (for example) you want to go Forward then you need to make pin 18 HIGH (or PWM) and pin 20 LOW.