Bad accelerometer?

Got my first arduino yesterday, ran through a bunch of the tutorials and finally hooked up the MMA7361 accelerometer I got with it. Hooked it up on a breadboard, checked all connections, (old electronics hobbyist, this no solder stuff is too easy!) used an example sketch that I made sure matched my pinout and it compiled fine. Everything works, leds, serial output, get all three axis readings, only they won’t change no matter how I tilt, turn, move the breakout board.
I even tried other generic sketches for accelerometers, no luck. Since it is adustable I tried setting the sensitivity higher, still no luck.
Voltage readings are in the range of 1650 mv for the x&y axis and 2450 mv when on the 1.5G setting, 1672 for x&y and 1880 mv on the 6G setting.
Tried getting the results as G-force and raw data, everything stays the same. Here is the sketch, am I forgetting something?

// sleepPin = 13, selfTestPin = 12, zeroGPin = 11, gSelectPin = 10, xPin = A0, yPin = A1, zPin = A2.

#include <AcceleroMMA7361.h>

AcceleroMMA7361 accelero;
int x;
int y;
int z;

void setup()
accelero.begin(13, 12, 11, 10, A0, A1, A2);
accelero.setARefVoltage(3.3); //sets the AREF voltage to 3.3V
accelero.setSensitivity(LOW); //sets the sensitivity to +/-6G

void loop()
x = accelero.getXVolt();
y = accelero.getYVolt();
z = accelero.getZVolt();
Serial.print("\nx: ");
Serial.print("mV\ty: ");
Serial.print("mV\tz: ");
delay(500); //make it readable


Have you tried getXRaw() etc?

Or just analogRead()?

BTW the # button allows you to quote code// like this

How did you wire the sensor?

Thanks for the replies, I wired the sensor like the pinout comment at the top of the sketch (I got that from the .cpp file in the library), triple checked all wires, especially power. The board had a built in voltage regulator to lower the voltage to 3.3 for the accelerometer, and the datasheet gave instructions for calibrating the accelerometer. Yes, I tried raw data, and anolog reads, as said in my post, all values stayed steady no matter how i moved the board. Anyway, I had to send it back by today to get a refund from Amazon, so off it went. Think I'll try one from Sparkfun or Lady Ada, just a hobby, not like I'm in a rush to discover the fastest quark or anything. Do I hold the # button while pasting or what? Again thanks. TJ