Baraometer with arduino

Hey there! I'm very new to Arduinos and circuitry and don't know a lot about how to set things up. I would like to do a project that involves using a small barometer sensor to record flight data (altitude) on a model rocket. I have been browsing various stores online and have found a few stand alone sensors that are the right size and accuracy for my project. If I buy one of these sensors what else do I need to be able to record and store data. I currently have an UNO board and it is way too big to fit into the payload bay of my rocket. I've linked my sensor and the smaller board below... im also not sure how much storage my flight data take up. I just need the raw air pressure for say maybe 15 seconds of flight time ( its just an estes rocket)? would it be possible to hook these up together and program to record data? If not what could I use? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would be inclined to have a way to save the data that doesn't depend on having power to retain it. A fram perhaps or an SD card.

If you use the internal memory on the ATmega328 there are a couple of possibilities: 2048 bytes of SRAM (which requires power to retain data) or 1024 bytes of EEPROM (which does not, but is slow when writing data, about 3 milliseconds per write).

If the air pressure data is stored as two bytes per measurement, that would allow perhaps 800-900 SRAM data points or 512 in EEPROM.

This is not a good beginners project, but has been done a number of times, so you can probably find tutorials.

thanks for the input, i know its not a great beginners project but it is for my mechE class :/. do you think you could link one of the documentations to a prior project?

Search for "arduino rocket altimeter"

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