Barcode Scanner Shield?

I saw a youtube video a few days ago which featured an Arduino barcode scanner shield. Exactly what I was looking for but do you think i can find the vendor…nope.
Does anyone know where I can purchase this shield?

Have you checked ?

Furthermore every serial barcode scanner can be connected to an Arduino either the hardware serial of with NewSoftSerial.
take care of optional voltage differences between normal rs232 and TTL level RS232.

I did check with no luck.
I liked the shield because I didn't want an external device with a cord.
Thanks for the reply.

You could always email them and ask:-

or was it something like this ...

Was the reader built into a shield?
Have you checked ?

Was it this tube - barcode reader to google doc with arduino + ethernet shield - YouTube - ? or - Arduino Price Scanner - YouTube -

Yes, in the video the reader was built into the shield.
I have looked at all the place you suggested but no luck.


I found this shield while browsing online. I don't know if you still need/want it.
Anyway, this is the link to it: Shields .

Grts, Jelle