[BASIC] arduino rev3 + yun sheild

hi guys

i want to control an led from a website .

i want when i click the On button on my website . the led must be turned on such as digitalWrite(pin,HIGH). i dont know how to do that . NETWORKING !!!

my yun is already connected to the internet and configured . but i dont know what to do next !

I would suggest starting with the Bridge Tutorial example. Load that sketch, and manually type various URLs into your browser's address bar, and get comfortable with the way it works.

Then, when you know that the sketch and the hardware is working properly, and you know the exact commands (URLs) that you need to send to get it to do what you want, work on the web page. Write a web page that has the look and layout you want, and add your control button(s). Attach some JavaScript to the button that sends the URLs you determined to the Yun. There are lots of HTML references and tutorials on the web, that portion of the project is not Arduino nor Yun specific. The URLs you access ARE Yun specific, but you figured those out in the first steps, but how to write the web page is not. (Look at the Temperature Web Panel for ideas on how to load the web pages onto the Yun.)